A most happy discovery. I had rather mixed thoughts about trying MannaBrew but on first tasting, was more than pleasantly surprised - so much so that I submitted a repeat order for 4 packs. Not a poor substitute for de-caffeinated coffee - Superfood Espresso, has its own broad, complex flavour - one that I find extremely palatable and smooth. My preference is to make it in an Espresso unit and use Coles' whitener (no sugar) - purists might not agree with me but that is their problem..

MannaBrew Superfood Espresso is my second pot of coffee at breakfast (standard coffee espresso first - I need the caffeine!) - and is my hot drink of choice through the rest of the day.

- Greg


I purchased a box of your brew at the Off the Grid Living Festival last weekend. As someone who doesn't tolerate coffee I have been on the hunt for years for something that tastes good and is a real substitute. I'm so glad I stopped at your stall and tried some. Thank you. I'll be using this all the time now.



As a tradie that drinks a lot of coffee, I can honestly say that Mannabrew is the next best thing. After becoming quite the coffee addict, I found it surprisingly easy to cut back on caffeine and transition to Mannabrew. It's easy to make, it hits the spot (even on the early drive to work) and it tastes so good!

- Rhys


As a naturopath, coming across Mannabrew was like a dream come true. Caffeine is something many people are hooked on, and often to their health’s detriment, however, there’s never been a good caffeine replacement that tastes as good as coffee. Along came Mannabrew! I love that it’s caffeine free, but still tastes fantastic and leaves me feeling satisfied and not like I’m missing out. Will definitely be recommending it!

- Eloïse


I used to drink a lot of coffee when I was younger, like 6-8 cups a day and believed it did not affect me. As time wore on, my morning coffee started having a notable affect had on my body (bowels) and energy level that I had to delay my first coffee. With Mannabrew, I have my morning ‘coffee’ fix back and my body is happy. What’s interesting is that I enjoy my first coffee more and I’m sure it gives me more energy when I take it later. I’m looking forward to the winter when I can have a steaming cup of Mannabrew at the fireplace just before bedtime and still sleep like a log!

- Francois


I used to be a caffeine addict believing that I just cannot start my day without coffee. My naturopath said it’s not good for my cortisol or my hormones (early menopause) and suggested I try Mannabrew. It was love at first taste! I now start my day with Mannabrew and have my one coffee a day around lunchtime. I love how versatile it is too. You can have it with ice on a hot day or steaming milk when it’s cold outside.

- Tania