The Journey of MannaBrew: From Bean to Cup

The Journey of MannaBrew: From Bean to Cup

MannaBrew is wild-harvested in the heart of South Africa, a small town named Prieska. In this area the farmlands are being taken over by mesquite trees. These trees are an invasive species in South Africa, limiting animal access to waterways and causing its surrounding plant life to die off due to water consumption.

There is only a brief period of 2 to 3 weeks each year in which the Mesquite seedpods can be harvested before the summer rains arrive. Despite this small window of opportunity, the locals in the impoverished Karoo town are happy to see the Mesquite harvest arrive, as it provides a source of income and employment.

Once collected, the pods are meticulously sorted by hand to ensure only the highest quality ones are used. After sorting, they are weighed, bagged, and transported to Somerset West, in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

After arriving at the MannaBrew processing plant, the Mesquite seedpods undergo another round of sorting before roasting, milling and blending into the perfect ground consistency. This allows the Mesquite Espresso to be brewed using almost any coffee-making instrument.

The blended Mesquite Espresso is packed in specially made bags to ensure long shelf life. These bags are 100% bio-degradable and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Thanks to the slow roasting process used during production, the natural sweetness and unique flavours of this superfood from nature are brought out, resulting in a delicious and healthy beverage that can be enjoyed anytime.


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