Igniting Excitement: MannaBrew at Benalla Flamefest

Igniting Excitement: MannaBrew at Benalla Flamefest

Join us this Saturday for an exciting night at the much-awaited Benalla Flamefest, where an array of activities and flavours awaits. MannaBrew is thrilled to be a part of this dynamic event, adding its unique touch to the festivities.

Discover MannaBrew's exceptional espresso alternative, crafted from the nutritious mesquite bean. With its caffeine-free nature and low acidity, MannaBrew caters to diverse tastes, offering a delightful evening choice for coffee enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.

Visit our booth to savour the distinctive flavours of MannaBrew. Beyond the cup, MannaBrew embodies values of sustainability and community support, reflecting our commitment to responsible sourcing and positive impact.

We are so excited to be apart of this event!

Save the date for Benalla Flamefest and mark your calendar to visit the first ever MannaBrew booth. We look forward to enjoying a cup of MannaBrew with you!


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